"I have no sharam, I speak my mind, boldly and fearlessly. If you find my sharam please don't return it." - Anisha

Anisha Ramakrishna, the dynamic force behind No Sharam, was born in India, raised in Indonesia, and moved to Miami, FL with her family at the age of ten. Growing up, Anisha was always the life of the party. Her quick comebacks and hilarious impersonations had her friends and family constantly laughing. It wasn't long before she realized her talent for comedy and storytelling.

Alongside her knack for humor, Anisha had a deep-rooted passion for fashion design. She was always on the cutting edge of trends, expertly mixing and matching patterns, colors, textiles, and silhouettes. During high school, she took formal sewing and painting classes, fostering her creative talents. Although her parents encouraged her to attend fashion design school in Paris, Anisha chose to pursue an MBA in finance at the University of Miami. She later joined Elie Tahari in New York as their VP of Product Development. After seven successful years at Tahari, Anisha launched her own size-inclusive, sustainable clothing line, Currently. She personally designs all her prints and is well-versed in technical design.

Anisha’s journey seamlessly merged her love of fashion and comedy. She quickly became a household name after appearing on the hit reality show "Family Karma" on Bravo TV for three seasons. Her larger-than-life personality and hilarious commentary made her an instant fan favorite, and her fashion designs inspired many women. Anisha related to audiences with her sharp wit and witty one-liners, constantly pushing the boundaries of what was considered "proper" for an Indian woman. Her famous "I have no sharam" one-liner garnered popularity and she decided to create No Sharam merch. 

True to her roots, Anisha continues to spread joy and laughter through her comedy shows across the country. She also hosts the wildly successful podcast, "Currently Cringing," where she shares her thoughts on everything from pop culture to her cringeworthy personal life experiences. Her ability to connect with her audience and make them feel part of the conversation has made her one of the most popular millennial solo podcasters and South Asian content creators.

In her free time, Anisha loves designing, creating new products, and traveling. Residing between Miami and New York with her husband, she founded No Sharam as a reflection of her fearless, unapologetic approach to life. No Sharam is more than just a brand; it’s a lifestyle that encourages everyone to embrace their true selves, boldly and fearlessly.