Who is Bali Chainani?

Bali Chainani

Age: 45

Hometown: Miami

Interests: Food, Framily, Fashion & Anushka



I grew up literally all over the world..  earlier years in Calcutta India, then Taipei,  then back to India for boarding school, then Miami, India again  when I got married and then back home to Miami! And in my “spare” time, I travel around the world to spend time with my family in Hong Kong Jakarta, Dubai, Singapore, Spain…

So my life feels like a constant adventure! And I love it that way!

And this new one? Is the most exciting one thus far because (with the support and love from the people I love the most) it is on MY time, on MY terms and with No Sharam!




I can’t wait to start this journey and introduce you to the different layers of my life through our #nosharam lifestyle brand. And I assure you, it’s going to be fun!  

 Oh! and Incase you forgot? I’m no Aunty. 


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